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¿Cómo aprovecharán los tech giants la data que tienen de los usuarios?


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Escribe Irene Van Den Brink, CCO at Digital Insurance Group, que moderará el coloquio “Tendencias de la transformación Digital&Insurtech” entre Bruno Abril, Global Head of Insurance at Everis, an NTT Data Company, y Roger Peverelli, Co-founder Digital Insurance Agenda. 

What are the key Insurance World Challenges that must be discussed in Bilbao?

  • Tech giants that enter the market; think Amazon and Google. What will be their role in the market, how will they leverage the unlimited data they have and how will they get access to the insurance experience of the incumbents? Can they really play a serious role?
  • What will be the end-state model for both the incumbents and the insurtechs? We saw a huge rise of new insurtechs that focus on B2C but that now move towards B2B2C. At the same time everyone says that real disruption has not taken place yet. What does this mean? It in the end it is about partnering and combining the old and the new?
  • How can we inject the digital DNA and innovation in a risk-averse industry such as insurance? We see many examples of projects that get started with a truly innovative idea, but down the road it becomes more mainstream and less exciting. How to change the DNA and legacy?

What innovation does DIG bring to the insurance industry?

  • In the current insurance industry where customer demands are changing and digital propositions are becoming necessity, there are two main problems of the incumbents that we are addressing: 1) a lack of new sales and thus increasing pressure to look for new approaches to reach new client segments and 2) customer retention in which share of wallet and offering new services to existing users are becoming increasingly relevant.
  • The biggest challenge for the incumbents to solve these problems is their complex IT architecture, which entails a lot of time and resources in order to make a speedy transformation. With our modular API-based platform and shared front-end framework, DIG enables insurers and bancassurance players to build new digital propositions on top of their legacy systems at record speed.
  • DIG offers scalable and customizable solutions to grow business as the industry moves towards new business models. This allows not only to offer new opportunities for revenue growth but also to add real value to both of their new and existing customers at lower costs. The DIG experience enables building bridges between business and IT that drive a new insurer-customer relationship and experience to a new level of reciprocity.
  • As such, DIG’s ultimate mission is to disrupt insurance across the world and positively impact the lives of millions of people by giving the right insurance and peace of mind in a truly digital way.

What services do you offer?

  • DIG enables insurers, banks and brokers to build new digital propositions from scratch or on top of their existing systems at record speed. The DIG solution is split into two elements: 1) the shared DIG front-end suite and 2) the DIG middleware suite of our core service.
  • With the front-end suite, the DIG offers a complete and simple-to-use digital transaction tool. The platform operates in a customer-friendly manner with a chat-style tool for mobile and web to make it easy to buy and manage insurance coverage for all markets.
  • The modular and data-driven platform is built focused on Distribution and Customer Engagement solutions, ranging from Quote & Buy tool to Customer Portal, Agent Portal, and Customer Mobile App.
  • The middleware solution integrates seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure and connects to multiple databases and legacy systems to build new, data-driven platforms that offer a fully customized, mobile-first insurance experience to customers. It is fully containerized and can be deployed on premises to resolve any compliance or security issues or deployed as a fully cloud-based service. It acts as an orchestrator of various legacy systems and third-party APIs, enabling access to ecosystems like telematics, wellbeing partners and IoT, which increase engagement with customers and help get additional data to personalize the experience.

In which markets is the service operational?

  • DIG is currently in production across the globe in Europe and Latin America. In terms of capability, DIG can leverage its flexible and agile platforms in order to cater any regional market. We work for the likes of Zurich, AON, Santander, Prudential and Allianz.
  • DIG enables both Life and P&C innovations, our solutions are product agnostic. At the moment we are building a sales channel for a leading German bank that aims to sell more insurance. Our wallet solution will include both P&C and Life products. And in Latam we are building a digital life insurer that should be live at the time of the event.

Who is Digital Insurance Group and when was it born?

  • Digital Insurance Group (DIG) is a leading Insurtech that enables insurers and banks to leap forward to the future of insurance and innovate at record speed by enabling integration with legacy systems where and when needed. DIG’s solutions improve people’s lives by giving them access to the right insurance faster, simpler and safer.
  • DIG was born in 2017 through the merger of two European Insurtechs: Knip, the first digital insurance broker in Europe, and Komparu, a leading Dutch Insurtech startup. Combining the force of the two, DIG brings over 10 years of experience in this young Insurtech market.
  • DIG is backed by some of the top US and European VC investors such as Finch Capital, Route66, QED and Zurich Insurance Mobile Solutions.

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